Global Electric has a primary concern for the safety of its employees, employees of its subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers who are working on Global Electric's projects and facilities.

Global Electric realizes that construction and especially our work as electricians involves many types of physical and dangerous risks & hazards. We believe those risks & hazards can be greatly reduced & prevented if everyone is constantly aware of the risks as well as follow safe practices for the hazards presented. Global Electric staffs a Safety Field Team that assesses risk and recognizes hazards, trains employees, manages compliance and monitors safety.

Realizing these risks and hazards, Global Electric has these objectives:

Train and motivate all personnel relative to safe and healthful work practices

Provide a Safety Program which ensures compliance with all applicable state, federal, local, and company requirements

Eliminate personal injury to all personnel, and damage to equipment and property

We vigorously enforce our Safety Program to prevent the occurrence of injuries and illnesses, and to avoid the personal suffering and economic loss associated with accidents.
No job is successful unless all employees have followed every safety requirement and procedure to protect themselves, other employees, and everyone around them.
The effectiveness of a Safety Program depends directly upon the participation and cooperation of management, supervision, and employees. Their coordinated effort is essential for producing satisfactory results.